Plumbing Inspections, Fixture Installation, Repair & More

Any time you are facing a problem with your plumbing, you want the help of a professional plumbing company you can trust. At Hwy 103 Plumbing & Heating, we put our customers first and work diligently to provide them with exceptional plumbing services. Your home’s plumbing system is comprised of a series of complex, interconnected systems that require the unique experience of our team of licensed plumbers to properly maintain.

Plumbing Fixture Installation & Replacement Services

The plumbers at Hwy 103 Plumbing & Heating specialize in plumbing installation and upgrades. We have the skills and training needed to incorporate any new plumbing into your existing system as if it has always been there to provide you with flawless plumbing results. You can rely on us for any upgrade or replacement recommendations because you know that we have your best interest in mind. Whether you are in need of appliance installation, boiler installation, water heater installation or toilet installation, you can count on us to get the job done efficiently and right the first time.

Plumbing Inspections

Sometimes it can be difficult to decipher whether or not you are in need any plumbing repairs without a proper inspection. When you call on the plumbing specialists at Hwy 103 Plumbing & Heating for your plumbing inspection, we are able to look inside your lines to pinpoint any problems that may be present and in need of repair. When you have us perform a routine inspection on your plumbing system, we can recognize any potential problems that may be present so that we can help you avoid costly repairs down the road by catching them and fixing them early. Our state of the art cameras and equipment give us an edge in plumbing inspections.

Emergency Troubleshooting & Repair of Plumbing Problems

Whenever you are faced with a plumbing emergency, you can call on the professionals at Hwy 103 Plumbing & Heating for same day plumbing service. We will perform any troubleshooting that needs to take place to get to the root of the problem. Our fully stocked trucks give us the ability to solve most problems you may be facing on the spot. Whether you are facing a problem with your water heater, sump pump, gas lines, water & sewer lines, pipes, drains, faucets, showerheads, toilets and more, you can count on our fast response times to get to the root of the problem fast. Signs that you may be in need of our plumbing repair services include but are not limited to:
– Low water pressure
– Overflowing toilets
– Water heater is sweating
– No hot water
– Smell gas or other unpleasant odors

Plumbing Services in Georgetown, Silver Plume, Empire, Downieville-Lawson-Dumont, St. Mary’s, Black Hawk & Rollinsville, & Idaho Springs, Colorado

You can rely on Hwy 103 Plumbing & Heating for all your plumbing needs. It is our goal to ensure your plumbing system is working flawlessly with no trouble to be found. Our friendly staff is available to offer you emergency plumbing services any time you may need them. Call us today!

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