Boiler Repair, Maintenance, Replacement & More

Your boiler needs to be in top working order during the cold months out of the year to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. At Hwy 103 Plumbing & Heating our trained heating specialists will make sure your boiler is ready to run efficiently so it can do just that. You can trust that when you choose us to perform maintenance and repair services on your boiler, you will receive the highest quality customer service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Boiler Maintenance Services

Much of the time, homeowners don’t give their boilers and heating system a second thought until there is a problem. When you wait this long, you could be facing costly repairs that could have been much smaller had you relied on the heating specialists at Hwy 103 Plumbing & Heatingg to perform routine maintenance on your boiler. Whether you have a high efficiency, condensing or hydronic boiler, we can provide you with the recommended maintenance services that will ensure it is running properly as you head into the winter season. There are many benefits that come with regular maintenance including:
– Early detection of smaller issues to prevent future breakdowns and repairs.
– Experience higher efficiency throughout the winter with a properly working boiler.
– Detection of potential safety hazards that may include gas line obstructions, carbon monoxide risks and corrosion.
– Extend the lifespan of your boiler.

Boiler Maintenance Checklist

Here is what you can expect from a boiler experts at Hwy 103 Plumbing & Heating during a maintenance appointment.
– Inspection of overall condition & age
– Inspect all valves and pumps
– Ensure proper operation
– Flue inspection
– Check for any trace of carbon monoxide being produced
– Check for proper ventilation

Boiler Repair & Replacement Services

If you find that your home isn’t heated well and you aren’t comfortable in your home, it may be time to call on the heating specialists at Hwy 103 Plumbing & Heating because it sounds like your boiler is in need of repair. If you are experiencing any of the following problems with your current boiler, you may be in need of our repair services or have a new boiler installed all together.
– Inadequate heat in your home
– Unable to light the pilot light and have it remain on
– Low water levels in your boiler
– Water leaking around or in your boiler
– Thermostat not working

Boiler Heating Services in Georgetown, Silver Plume, Empire, Downieville-Lawson-Dumont, St. Mary’s, Black Hawk & Rollinsville, & Idaho Springs, Colorado

We know how important it is that your boiler is functioning properly to keep you comfortable this winter. At Hwy 103 Plumbing & Heating, we provide our valued customers with same day service to ensure they are able to ensure you are experiencing optimal performance with your boiler. There isn’t a boiler problem that our heating experts can’t solve, and we work diligently to make sure you are completely satisfied every time you choose us. Call us today!

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